Ingvar Hällgren is since 1970 a Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm  Sweden.

He took in 1990 his Technical Licentiate Exam in Solid Mechanics, KTH University. (This is 60-70% of a Swedish Ph. D, intended for senior engineers from the industry.)

He has during the years been a tutor for more than 50 students in their M. Sc theses projects.

More than 100 invention applications have been filed, resulting in 20 or more patents for Alfa Laval as well as CentriClean Systems.

In the year 2007 Ingvar was awarded the Alfa Laval ”Gustaf Award” for the development and introduction of a new technology for oil mist separation and it’s successful implementation on the market.


Period Position Description
1969-71 Assistent KTH Assistant at the Institution for Light Structures at KTH University, Stockholm Sweden. Teaching and research duties.
1971-76 ”First Department Engineer” at the Solid Mechanics department at the Aeronautical Institute of Sweden Development of air craft components, made in fiber reinforced composites materials and developing of Finite Element Software intended for structural optimization of light weight structures.
1976-86 Chief Consultant at the Alfa Laval AB, Technical Group Staff. Development of special software for the design of high speed centrifuges. Main trouble shooter within the Alfa Laval group. Research and development of different products, for example ultra centrifuges for medical applications.
1986-89 Section Manager
Alfa Laval Technical Eng. & Consulting AB
Management of ten or so, technical experts and building up an international network within relevant research areas, in Sweden, Europe and USA.
1989-95 Manager for a major separator Project Alfa Laval Separation AB A technically complex project, based on new technology and new materials and with many parties involved.
1995-98 Various fields of responsibillity and expert efforts.  Alfa Laval Separation AB Organization of R & D in the polymer field and the Development of new separation and filter Equipment, based on polymer material.  Most of the products were aimed at the diesel engine OEM market.
1999-00 Technical manager for a new mass produced crank case ventilation filter system. Alfa Laval Tumba AB Another complex project with a short time frame and, for Alfa Laval, a new price level. Daily contacts with car manufacturer and sub supplier in Sweden and abroad.  
2000-05 Section manager for a Design Support function. Alfa Laval Materials This position was twofold, partly to build up the Design Support function and partly to manage the design team for the crank case ventilation system, intended for the vehicle industry, ending up in a billion SEK business
2005-08 Manager for the Solid Mechanics department Alfa Laval Produkt Center The department was supporting the R&D functions and was responsible for the safety of all the centrifuge types. During this period a main effort was put into the developing of a new discharge system for the”parade” product, the oil sludge separator.
2008-09 Reduced working time at Alfa Laval and start up of CentriClean Systems AB A successive settling of Alfa Laval duties and a transition to the technical management within CentriClean, which immediately got some commissions from large Swedish companies.
2009- MD for CentriClean Systems AB Building up a new product portfolio, based on an own developed cyclone technology.